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Ramsey Painting Contractors Inc. has been proudly offering design, decoration and painting services in southern Arizona for over 80 years. Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients, so we always take the time to ensure you are satisfied with the design of your space before starting any work. Our skilled and qualified painters and designers have years of experience in small and large painting projects in Tucson, Sierra Vista and all of Arizona. They will be working closely with clients to ensure your painting project is successful, and are knowledgeable in all aspects of painting. From faux, to accent walls we can accommodate your ever need. We paint homes and businesses, interior walls or exterior walls.

When hiring Ramsey Painting Contractors Inc. for your Tucson, Sierra Vista and Green Valley area painting needs, we ensure that you do not have to worry about lifting a finger. We will personally empty the home or office that will be painted with the utmost care, packaging fragile objects and doing all of the heavy lifting for you. You can rest assured that your floors and carpets will be well protected and that our professional painters will work diligently to ensure the quality of their work. Ramsey Painting was the first painting contractor to sign up with the Better Business Bureau in 1994, and is still an active member today.

" Ramsey Painting Contractors Inc. did an amazing job on our new investment property! The project was completed on time and under budget! Employees were honest, professional and very clean. was really a pleasure to work with and really cared about what we wanted, listened to us and did an unbelieveable job! We have received many compliments on the finished product. We highly recommend, without hesitation, Ramsey Painting Contractors Inc. to anyone who asks. "

SAR - Green Valley, AZ

If you have a painting or redecorating project in mind, do not hesitate to give us a call today. We will find a design that works for you and for your environment regardless of your budget or time line, and we guarantee that you will be more than happy with your new, clean and refreshed home or office in the Tucson, Sierra Vista and Green Valley area. Professional paint jobs protect your home's value too!

Ramsey Painting Contractors Inc.'s promise to our Tucson, Sierra Vista and Green Valley area customers is as follows:

  • We will never rush a residential or commercial painting job.
  • We will use the top quality paint and tools to complete your contract to your satisfaction.
  • We will never leave any tools, stains or materials behind that you must clean up.
  • We will always stand behind our work and take pride in our painting service.

For more information about our company, please contact us by phone at (520) 577-1514 or by email.

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Painting Tips

  • Keeping Track of Paint Colors - Some paint colors are so close that it can be difficult to match your previously painted Tucson, Sierra Vista and Green Valley area home or business with the paint at the store when you need to repair scratches or touch up the surface. If you keep track of the color in a notebook or on the paint can, there is still a danger that you will lose your note keeping device in the months that it can take before repainting is necessary.

  • Using Paint Primer - One of the reasons that many Tucson, Sierra Vista and Green Valley amateur paint jobs end up looking dull or listless once they are dry is that the painter fails to use a primer before applying the first coat of paint. Primer is actually one of the most important parts of the process. It keeps stains or imperfections from the deeper layers of the wall from showing through your paint, helps your paint to spread evenly to the wall without significant blisters and increases the time between paint jobs.